What I wore to the ball...

Hi guys!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!!! Cause I sure did! :P

I was a little bit excited cause I thought this would be my first sole fashion post on my blog, but in a typical me manner I wanted to add lots of other things to it haha. (One day I'll be confident and skilled enough to do some fashion posts :P)


This is my 'What I wore to the ball and everything that happened after' post!
Haha, hope you enjoy it!

A few months ago most of my friends and I decided we would go to a University Ball this year -  it's pretty much like formal/prom but at university, so an opportunity to get dressed up, dance and have tonnes of fun with friends ☺️ If you follow me here on Instagram, you would have already seen some snapshots!

For us pretty much every faculty at university have a ball - so there's a journalism ball, psychology ball, business ball, occupational therapy ball - literally one for every school.

We decided to go to the engineering ball because quite a few of the people we hang out with study engineering and their balls are the biggest! It's so normal for people who aren't in that degree (or even at uni, for that matter!) to go to any ball!

This was my first ball even though this is my second year at uni, cause they are 18+ events and I only turned 18 at the start of this year - so needless to say I was excited to join my friends! :)

So, on Saturday night, we were ballin' :P

I ended up wearing this bottlegreen coloured maxi dress, with draping and a bit of a side split. I would have never thought of wearing a dark green dress like this but I actually ended up loving it.

How pretty is one of my best friends, known her since Grade 8 but we've become extra close since uni! 
She came to mine and we left together, 
so obviously pre-photoshoots took place :P

It was SUCH a comfy dress (which is what you need for a 3 course meal :P) and the way I ended up accessorising it, I felt a little bit sophisticated and stylish, so that's always nice! Haha.

I wore sparkly nude, gold-speckled shoes and carried a lovely gold sparkly clutch - I always joke that glitter is my favourite colour!

For accessories,

I wore a really cool geometric gold cuff, a couple of cute little gold rings, a gold belt that I slotted through my dress, and some dangly, jewelled earrings.

May I add I bought the cuff for only $3.50 - score!

And that was my outfit of the night ☺️

I put some curls in my hair and went for pretty natural, classic makeup with some gold running through it, and some pretty gold nails to finish it off!

The night in general? It was so much fun!

As soon as we arrived we lined up to get into the outside area, which was epic! 

Everyone was so dressed up and it was all so fancy, they were handing out champagne glasses, and there were circus dancers and fire performers.

 There were fairy floss and popcorn at stalls, that we could get with cute little circus 'Admit One' tickets they had given us!

 One of my absolutely gorgeous besties and I taking a selfie at the start of the night haha.

Some of the group!

After an hour outside we all started heading inside the venue and it was awesome, it was massive and set up so beautifully.

*Cue a montage of photos*

At our wonderfully decorated table below!

Here are a couple professional photos from the night - 
how beautiful are the projections on the wall!

Throughout the night, we danced - a tonne. As you can see by the sweaty, way too grinny, impromptu photo above - this was about 1/4 of our gang ☺️

 And the rest of the night we made full use of the photobooths they had set up :P

 How insanely cute are these two!!! 

Don't worry I made sure I took plenty of adorable couple photos of them before I did my classic thirdwheel pose :P

It was such a great night, and although the ball ended at 12, our night didn't stop there.

One of my friends headed out to some other club with his girlfriend and so when I called to check that they reached ok, he just sent me these messages. They were definitely a little drunk that night…hahaha. 

Sidenote: One day we were talking about relationships and all, this was when the word bae had just started being used and he thought it was the most hilarious word ever - so now he always tells me to get one hahaha.

But, the rest of us walked to the ball afterparty which was nearby - it was very chill, they were playing retro music with lots of classics (like Jessie's Girl), people were dancing or sitting at tables and talking, it was quite nice.

The night ended with about 8 of us heading back together and having detailed conversations about the Bachelor Australia hahaha (don't judge, there were 4 boys in that car and they were the most opinionated :P).

And that was the end of my first university ball.

R stands for raashiagarwal.blogspot.com.au ;) 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

New blog post will be up next Tuesday!!!
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Have a great rest of the week!



  1. THAT LOOKS LIKE SUCH A FUN NIGHT! I love this post so much!

    I don't even know where to start: You outfit is so beautiful! I saw your accessory on Instagram and I immidiately fell in love with the cuff and the clutch and the matching nails. I can't believe the cuff was just 3.50! What a great deal!
    Your dress looks gorgeous on you Raashi! You look amazing!

    And the Ball looks like so much fun! The ballroom is beautiful and how cool are the circus perfomers and the popcorn! I love how they decorated the tables!

    I always have pre-going out photo sessiosn with my friends too lol! And it's always hilarious getting texts (or in my case mainly snapchats) from dunk friends!

    You looked so cute!
    This was so fun to read and look at! I'm glad that you had such a great time!


    1. Rose, you are the sweetest thing ever!!! This comment makes my day, thank you so, so much for being so kind to me!

      The popcorn and fairy floss were definitely two of my favourite parts of the night :P Haha oh drunk friends, it's always SO entertaining being sober haha.

      Thank you again Rose, I had a great time! :)

  2. You look incredible! Looks like you had an amazing night too :)

  3. You look stunning in that dress! The colour is gorgeous :) xxx

    1. Thank you so much Miranda, ended up really liking the colour - it was a different one!

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say that I really like it.
    Your outfit was gorgeous,the dress fits you so nicely. :D
    And the hair,wow. You have an amazing hair! I hope you had a good time :)

    1. Oh my gosh - thank you! That's such a sweet compliment! So excited to check your blog out :)

      Haha aww, thank you so much, this brightened my day! :)

  5. love your dress! i typically don't wear anything forest green either, but it looks great on ya, something different. looked like u had a fab time - i guess now we know engineers throw pretty fun parties :P


    1. Thank you so much!!! Yeah it definitely wasn't a colour I usually go for, but I feel like I'll get a lot of wear out of the dress :) I really did have a great time! Haha oh my gosh, engineers go hard to say the least :P Haha.

  6. Wow you look absolutely fab!! I love your gown! :)

    New post on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG

    1. Oh my gosh - thank you Nicole!!! Means so much coming from you! ☺️

  7. Wow, this looks like a fabulous evening! I love the gown you chose and the gold accents. That cuff was a total score! My school doesn't do anything like this.


    1. Thank you so much Bella! Hehe yes, bargains are the best! Aww, yeah it's nice that our uni does some fancy events.

  8. Gorgeous Dress! Love the color a lot.


    1. Thank you Amelia, I ended up loving the colour too :)




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